Daily Plank Challenge for a Tiny Waist

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Ready for Your Best Abs Ever?

Planks: SO hard, but damn will they get you snatched! While doing plank exercises, you are working the transverse abdominis muscle. Training this muscle will flatten your stomach, and slim your waist. Not only will planks help you achieve a smaller waist, but they will also tone your shoulders and back. This is a full-body plank workout, get ready to sweat!

I challenged myself to do this full-body plank workout for a whole month, and I have seen some insane results! My waist was tighter, and my shoulders and back were a lot more toned. Try doing this workout every day for 30 days, and see what happens! Giving yourself an allotted amount of time will help you stick to your goals, and make this plank challenge more realistic. Make sure to take some before and after pictures to keep track of your progress!

It’s important to remember to keep your abs held tight during these exercises and maintain proper alignment of the spine. AKA don’t let your butt stick up like you’re in downward dog, and don’t let it drop down to the floor. Not cute! So squeeze those abs, stay straight as a board, and BREATHE. Bikini body here we come!

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How It Works:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with a 10-second break in between. Whenever you start to feel comfortable, add 10 seconds to the exercises. Aim to do 2 rounds! (If you’re short on time just do one round, no biggie!) Get ready to feel the burn…

Time to Tone up!

The first 4 exercises all start in a low plank. Try to think about sucking your abs in towards your spine and maintaining that for the whole workout.

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Let’s Do This!

Plank Scorpion

You’ll feel this one all throughout your abs. Focus on squeezing your core.

  • Start in a low plank.
  • Bend your knee and twist your core, tapping your toe on the floor outside of the supporting leg.
  • Bring the active leg back to its original spot, and repeat on the other leg. Keep switching legs!

Body Saw

This move is perfect for toning your rectus abdominus, which are the muscles that give you that “6 pack” look. This is also amazing for toning the shoulders!

  • Starting in a low plank, tiptoe your feet backward, as far as you can, while maintaining proper plank form.
  • Once you are as far back as you can go, walk your feet forward, and reach past your low plank.

Side Plank Hip-Dips With Crunch

This one is HARD, but one of the most effective moves for getting those ’11’ ab lines.

  • Start in a low side plank.
  • Slowly lower your hip to the ground, tap the hip to the floor, and then bring it back to its original position.
  • Following the hip dip, crunch your top elbow down towards your supporting arm. Make sure to keep your hip in line with your spine!

Hip Dips

This exercise is seriously like a corset for your waist. It’s perfect for defining for abs and tightening that tummy.

  • Start in a low plank on your elbows. Dip your hip to one side as low as you can go.
  • Twist from side to side until the time is up.

Let’s Get Into Some Mat Cardio, Shall We?

All of these next exercises will be starting in a high plank. They should all be done at a fast pace to get that heart rate up and burn more calories.


This is a perfect exercise for your internal and external obliques. This muscles on the sides of your core are very important for slimming down!

  • Begin in a high plank.

  • Jump your right leg to meet your right hand. Keep that booty down!

  • This is a mat cardio move so try to do these at the pace of plank-jacks or mountain climbers.

Bunny Hops

These are amazing for shredding those lower abs! Focus on tightening them to pull in your legs.

  • Starting in high plank, jump your feet in and to your right side of your mat.
  • Jump the feet back to neutral, and then to the left side of your mat.
  • Keep going until the time is up. Aim to get that heart rate up!

Mountain Climbers

This one’s a classic. It burns, but it gets results!

  • Starting from a high plank tuck one foot in. Then switch, as if you are running while in the plank position.

Burpies with Tuck Jump

Saving the best (AKA the hardest) for last! It’s okay if you are going at a slower pace for this one. Just keep going!!

  • From your high plank, jump your feet in towards your hands and stand up straight.
  • Next, jump up in the air, tucking your knees in towards your chest as far as they can go. This is an advanced move, so please be careful, and land softly for those knees!
  • Once you land, place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back out to the plank position. Repeat.

Well guys, you did it! I hope you enjoyed this full-body plank routine. Let me know if you challenge yourself to do this for a whole month. It’s all about commitment and sticking to the plan. I can’t wait to hear about your results! Tag me in any before/after pics, I’d love to see!

Extra weight optional, but dog is highly recommended 😉

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  1. Comprehensive and easily explained with beautiful pictures. I can say for sure that these exercises will definitely give you a tiny waist as I do a lot of these and motived to try the rest of it too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Well done with the work you have done on your own body. You look really great. I absolutely love the last image; I might give one of these exercises a go with my dog on my back, too. Lol.

  3. I am glad we do many of these in my barre classes. Hip dips and mountain climbers are so hard, but I will remember how they are helping my waist next time! Pinning so I can remember some other ones to try.

  4. Lord Jesus that Scorpion would kill me! And how the heck can you jump so high with your burpees! I’m super pumped to try all of these though!

  5. I agree planks burn so much but the results are worth it! These pictures are super helpful to understand the different plank variations.

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