Dealing with Stress – The Wellness Way

Hi friends! I know it’s been a HOT minute since I’ve been on the blog, but sometimes you just need to take a step back and re-align with your goals. I’ve recently been feeling a lot of stress/overwhelm, as I’m sure a lot of people (especially my fellow perfectionists) have been dealing with it as well. 

Today I’m going to discuss what’s been working for me personally and dealing with these emotions. If you’re here for the tips, go ahead and scroll past this little emo brain dump. If you’re here for the tea let’s talk. 

I’ve been a bit MIA recently, taking what I like to call a “mental health hiatus.” Let me explain why. I love seeing everyone’s success and things that they accomplished throughout lockdown, but it also causes me to put pressure on myself and makes me want to rush the process. I’m a get-shit-done-quickly type of girl, so taking time to slow down and let the universe bring things to me can be tough. If you feel me on this, try following some of these tips below. They’ve helped me slow down and enjoy my process and I hope they do the same for you! 

Implementing a Strict Morning Routine

This one is a game-changer. I have a blog post all about this. Basically, starting your day with simple rituals to set you up for success will really help set the tone for the day. If you want to start with just one thing, I highly recommend to GET OUTSIDE RIGHT AWAY in the AM. This is an instant mood booster and helps with setting your circadian rhythm.

Pump up the Self-Care

Doing daily self-care and loving tasks is super important for your mental and physical health. This could be anything from saying some positive mantras to yourself in the mirror, to dry brushing before a cold shower. It really doesn’t matter how simple or complex, it just matters that you are completing these tasks knowing that you were doing so because you love and value yourself. 


Creating and implementing personal boundaries as well as social boundaries makes a huge difference. Here’s an example of a personal boundary: say you are prone to negative self-talk, and you feel yourself beginning to say or think negative things- immediately stop and catch yourself, say some positive things, and change your state to a higher vibrational state. A social boundary can be anything from staying off your phone for an hour while you do your morning or evening routine, or just saying ‘no more’ to a particular action that no longer serves you.

Invest in YOU

Above all, it’s so important to invest in yourself. This could be dedicating 20 minutes towards reading every day, taking a business or educational course, or buying a new outfit for work. Whatever will make you more effective in creating the life you want is a positive investment in yourself that will create lasting benefits.

I hope this has been helpful! My little hiatus has been grand, but I’ll definitely be writing a lot more. I’m stoked to be back on the blog with you all!

Cheers bbs.

4 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress – The Wellness Way”

  1. This is so helpful. I got out of the habit of my morning routine, due to a busy few weeks and not making it a priority. This inspired me to get back into it. Thank you!!

  2. I love this post Anna. I’m huge on the morning routine in which I roll in yoga, reading and writing. It’s really helped me become more flexible (literally) and productive. Thank you for putting this together!

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