• Exercises to Make Hips Look Wider

    In this workout, we are targeting the sides of our booty, AKA our gluteus medius and minimus. Strengthening these two muscles will fill in those hip dips, and help you achieve that hourglass look we all love.

  • The Best Upper Body Workout

    Bye-bye bra fat and back bulge! This is the best workout to tone and burn away that pesky fat by your armpits and back. Don't worry- this is designed so you won't get bulky arms, but instead, a long lean…

  • Cardio HIIT Workout

    Today, it's all about burning away those calories! I love getting some cardio in and working up a sweat. This is the perfect at-home workout for burning fat, and building strength.

  • Daily Plank Challenge for a Tiny Waist

    Planks: SO hard, but damn will they get you snatched! While doing plank exercises, you are working the transverse abdominis muscle. Training this muscle will flatten your stomach, and slim your waist. Not only will planks help you achieve a…

  • Side Booty Workouts- Grow Glutes, Not Thighs!

    *This article contains affiliate links, that I make a small commission off of. I only recommend products that I know, love, and trust! Alright- real talk. Everyone wants to get that nice, peachy booty without having their thighs bulk up.…