Total Body Healing Meal Plan

Food is medicine. I live by this 100%, and I tend to preach this to as many people as possible. When your body is feeling run down, achy, overworked, or just “blah” (hello post-holiday food distress), it’s a sign that you need to hit the reset button. This means eating foods that are easy to digest, will fight off inflammation in the body, and will properly nourish you. This meal plan is one of my all-time favorites to send to clients. The power of eating the right foods to lower inflammation and heal the body is seriously next level.

BTW, my new eBook, Body Possible, has a whole section and a helpful food list on lowering inflammation. I would DEFINITELY recommend checking it out if you want to learn more about healing through food. You can check out Body Possible right here.

I normally share vegan/gluten-free recipes only, but this time is different. These recipes are a little bit of everything! They’re all very simple, easy to digest, inflammation-fighting foods that can be modified with meat for my non-vegans. For my vegan babies, you can swap the meat recipes for tofu, marinated cauliflower, or whatever else floats your boat!

Let’s Talk Juice

Before we get into the meal plan and recipes, we need to talk juice. Did you know that America is one of the few countries that doesn’t consume turmeric and ginger as part of their daily diet? Americans also suffer from the highest inflammation rate across the globe. Turmeric and ginger are proven to be potent anti-inflammatory agents, so it’s no wonder that these statistics go hand in hand.

After I learned how little we Americans do to fight inflammation, I started drinking an anti-inflammation juice that is seriously SO dang good. It gives me some refreshing orange juice vibes when I drink it in the morning.

I recommend prepping 6 batches of this juice, then storing it in these chic glass bottles to have on hand all week! PS. I’m seriously in love with these bottles – 6 for $21?! YES PLEASE.

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

Use this meal plan as an outline for the week. Please snack when you’re hungry, and add sides to any recipes you need. Be sure to store leftovers in a tightly sealed tupperware in the fridge. You can download the meal plan and recipes using the buttons below the images.



For all these recipes you can download them using the button below! Take what you love, modify it to fit your dietary needs, and enjoy the benefits of lowering your inflammation and healing your body through food. It’s important that what you’re snacking on aligns with these nutrient-dense, inflammation-fighting foods as well. Enjoy xx.




I hope you love all of these recipes! Tag me on Instagram if you end up making any, I would LOVE to see your culinary creations. For more on private health coaching, click here!

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