Vegan Road Trip Essentials

The Ultimate Vegan Snack List

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Hi, my babies! As I’m writing this, I am currently on a road trip from California to Colorado! Exciting stuff, man. I thought this would be the perfect time to share all of my vegan road trip essentials.

There’s nothing that I hate more than stopping at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and having to buy a $5 granola bar that’s stale and disgusting.

So I made a go-to list of the best snacks and easy to make recipes that keep well on the road! These are also perfect for work, school, rehearsals, or just snackin’ at home!

I also added some simple necessities like my favorite water bottle, wellness supplements, and more items that just make traveling WAY easier. So if you’re looking for some healthy snacks to buy for the road or easy recipes to bring with you on the go, keep on reading!

Quick Tangent:

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Let’s Get Into the Goodies

Store Bought Healthy Vegan Snacks

~ REDD Bars– The perfect on the go treat! These are by far one of the healthiest protein bar brands I have found, and they taste phenomenal!

~ Mushroom Jerky– Ok- I was a major skeptic about mushroom jerky. These surprised me so much! They’re a great savory snack to munch on, and WAY healthier than regular jerky!

~ Cheesy Puffs– Grain-free, cheesy goodness?? Sign me up. These were amazing to snack on during the 2am driving shift. SO delish!

~ Kombucha– My favorite alternative to fizzy soda, and a great probiotic boost on-the-go!


~ Fizz Sticks– These are SO. DAMN. GOOD. I love how portable and easy these are to mix into some water. They taste amaze, and they wake you up so quickly.

~ Pique– I will not shut up about Pique, and it’s because it is the BEST matcha on the market. When I switched from my old matcha to Pique, I noticed a huge difference. I felt more energized and it fueled me throughout the whole day! So portable, too!

Use code: BEAUTYWITHIN for 5% off your first order!

Easy, Portable Recipes

~ Homemade Granola– This tastes JUST like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but 100x healthier! It’s perfect to have on hand while driving, or pack some almond milk for cereal on-the-go!

~ Muffins– My boyfriend calls this recipe “cookie muffins” because they’re so damn good. You would never guess that they’re actually SUPER healthy, and packed with protein!

~ Protein Balls– Protein balls are a classic. They’re great for packing in nutrients and fueling yourself for a long drive.

On-the-Go Wellness

~Peppermint Essential Oil– This might be my favorite road trip hack out there. If you get carsick easily YOU NEED THIS. I get nauseous so easily while driving, so this really saved me. Rub a couple of drops of this under your nose/on your top lip and breathe deeply. No more carsickness!

~ Nuun– This will keep you hydrated AF during long car rides. It’s so important to get in those electrolytes, and Nuun makes it too easy. Just dissolve in your water and enjoy!

~ Hand Sanitizer– I mean- duh! I love the spray hand sanitizers. It’s cute and gets the job done! Plus you can spray your car wheel so germs don’t build up.

The Final Necessity

~ Water Bottle with Straw– This might seem simple but it makes drinking in the car SO much easier, and a whole lot safer. This was such a lifesaver on our road trip!

Now Go Adventure!

I hope you try some of these snacks and hacks out, and love them as much as I did! They made our road trip 100x easier, and we saved a lot of money not having to stop for food! Where do you want to road trip next?

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