Healthy Vegan Nutella

I’m pretty sure everyone has sat down and ate an entire jar of Nutella before. No? Just me? Awesome. Regardless of whether or not you have self-control, no one can deny how incredible the classic combination of chocolate and hazelnut tastes.

The Ultimate Healthy Bread Hack

I think we can all agree that avocado toast is one of the greatest foods of all time. Whether it’s a snack, full meal, or a special late-night treat, it always hits the spot. However, for all my gluten-free homies, it’s a lot less satisfying on hard, spongy gluten-free bread. Not only am I gluten-free, but I recently gave up grains while trying out the Plant Paradox diet. Ouch. So yeah, I really needed to figure out a way to get my avocado fix. Thus, Potato Toast was born.

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