How to Get Perfect Feathered Brows

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Eyebrows are my favorite. I love a strong bold brow, and a natural pretty feathered brow. It can be a challenge to get those perfect brows, but don’t worry- I’ve got you!

Recently, an old makeup artist hack called “the soap brow” has been all over Youtube. Soap brows are when you use a bar of soap to hold your brows in place instead of eyebrow gel. It sounds super weird, and I didn’t think it would work at all.


Seriously, this might be my new favorite life-hack. When I first tried the soap brow, I was shocked at how well my brows stayed in place. Normally with gel, my brows would fall out of place after an hour or two, especially if I was really going for a chic feathered look. The crazy thing is, soap brows are WAY cheaper than expensive eyebrow gel from Sephora. I was converted.

How do Soap Brows Work?

To make the perfect soap brow is so simple. Dampen the brow brush (that’s important!) and run it over your brow soap. I like to feather mine up and out.

You can try this with your normal everyday bar of soap, but I recommend using this one. This brow soap is clear, so you won’t have any white soapy spots on your brows (yikes), and it comes with a brow brush so you don’t have to get one separately! Amaze.

Eyebrow Tips & Tricks

~ If you want thick, Cara Delevingne eyebrows, you’re probably going to have to work for them. I’ve been using this castor oil every night on my eyelashes and eyebrows and WOW! I always thought castor oil was just over-hyped, but damn I was wrong. Definitely recommend, especially if your lashes are recovering from eyelash extensions.

~My favorite product for filling in my brows is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade from Ulta. I find it gives me the most bold yet natural look. When I switched from pencil to pomade, I got SO many compliments on my eyebrows.

~Fill in your brows AFTER using the brow soap, otherwise they will get too smudged.

~To make my eyebrows pop, I outline my brows with Tarte Shape Tape using a flat brow brush like this one.

~Last tip! Tweeze your brows when you still have makeup on. It is so much easier, and this way you’ll never over tweeze. I started using the magnifier on my ring light, and I can see EVERYTHING. My brows have never looked so good!

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