The Simple Morning Routine to Set Up for Success

Hello, my babies! I hope you all had a kick-ass morning. If not, I am here to fix that! Ok, I would be lying if I said I have always been a morning gal. I used to dread getting out of bed and I would sleep in until 11 whenever possible. Once I developed a strong and enticing morning routine, all of that changed. My mornings are now a sacred time that set me up for such a great, successful day. I’m gonna talk all the deets of my zen af morning, and give you all the tips on kickstarting your day. 

First things first, you can’t have a good morning without getting a great night of sleep. I’ve talked about these tips in my blog post on immune-boosting tips, but I’ll give you another rundown:

~ Blue Light Blocking Glasses– Your eyes are so sensitive to light from electronics, it’s crazy. Basically, our eyes without any protective glasses can’t block out blue light, so all of this light goes straight to the back of our retina. This then sends a signal to our brain to block the hormone called melatonin (that’s what makes us tired). So put on a pair of cute little glasses and do your brain a favor!

~ Reishi Hot Cocoa– This stuff is the sh*t. This tasty hot cocoa seriously knocks you out! I gave it to my boyfriend and his brother and they were both shocked at how effective these yummy little packets are. Use code BEAUTYWITHIN for 10% off your first purchase!

~ Red Light– My last tip for a great night of sleep is adding some red light to your room. This helps lower cortisol levels, boosts your libido (ayo), and helps ease the body and brain into a tired state. Also, it looks SO cute. We love a vibey bedroom with health benefits.

OK, On to the Morning Routine:

~9:30 am~

I try to get up from my first alarm (if not, it’s a snooze-fest). As soon as I am out of bed, I make sure to expose my body to as much light as possible so I can naturally wake up. Natural light helps your brain send signals to your body telling it to wake up, so this is MAJOR for helping yourself wake up faster.

Hydration hack- before drinking ANY caffeine, chug a MASSIVE glass of water. While I’m drinking my water, I check my phone for any important notifications and make myself a cold brew with oat milk and cinnamon. Once the water is done and my phone is checked, I put the phone away until the rest of my morning routine is complete. This is essential! I noticed on days that I get into the scrolling trap on social media, I am more stressed and negative throughout the whole day.


By this time Gnocchi is ready for her walk, so it’s go time! I bring my coffee to-go, and we take a 20-minute walk. Getting outside right away in the morning is so beneficial for starting the day on a positive note and waking your body up naturally. Taking a mindful morning walk is such a great habit to start, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. I highly recommend!


Once we’re home, I’ll either make tea or pour another glass of water. I set my timer for 20 minutes and read a book with my phone on airplane mode for no distractions. Reading keeps the brain young, and can actually improve creativity and concentration.


This is my favorite part of the day- I set my timer for 10 minutes and journal. I like to write about what I am grateful for every day. Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, did multiple studies on people that wrote down what they’re grateful for every day. These studies showed that those who write down their gratitudes feel more positive and optimistic about their lives, exercise more, sleep better, and are more likely to do acts of service! (source)

If I finish writing before the timer goes off, I like to sit back and visualize what my day will be like and how I can make every moment more positive and exciting for myself and others. This is a newer practice that I have adopted, but I’m so glad that I started doing this. I feel like it just sets me up for success, ya know?


After all of that, it’s workout time. I usually do around 30 minutes of Pilates or HIIT, depending on my mood. Working out intuitively has been huge in helping me work out consistently. Once you take away the pressure of having to do a certain type of exercise every day (like lifting heavy or doing a super long run), it’s easier to get yourself moving.

After my work out, I take a freezing cold shower for as long as I can handle. This helps with blood flow, weight loss, disease prevention, stress, and MUCH more. I could do a whole post on how great cold showers are. Maybe I will? Let me know if you want the deets!

After my shower is done, it’s time for a massive breakfast smoothie and the completion of my morning routine. This simple routine sets me up to have SUCH a productive, successful day. Of course, there are definitely days that I don’t have the time for all of this. It’s okay to not always stick to the plan! I truly love my mornings, and days where I get to do my full routine are extra good days.

I hope you find a couple of useful things here that you could adapt to your own routine. For help building a morning routine tailored to your personal health goals, make an appointment with me! I would love to be your health coach- plus consultations are FREE! Let me know your favorite morning rituals below!

Arrivederci, bbs!

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