Side Booty Workouts- Grow Glutes, Not Thighs!

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Alright- real talk. Everyone wants to get that nice, peachy booty without having their thighs bulk up. The key is to target specific muscles in the glutes. In today’s workout, I’m targeting the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. These are the muscles that will give you that round, hourglass look that we all love.

No Gym Needed, Sis!

This is the perfect workout to do from home! All of the exercises are fairly simple, and will plump up that peach in no time. You can start doing this workout with no equipment, but I highly suggest you use a resistance band and/or ankle weights. This helped me round out my butt so much! You can get my favorite resistance bands right HERE!

This Workout Is:

  • Low Impact! No need to load extra weight onto your knees for gains!
  • Easy to do anywhere- in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, wherever!
  • A great way to supplement another workout. I love adding it on to the end of a HIIT class!

My workout set I’m wearing in this is from Ellie Activewear! They’re my absolute favs. Find out more about them here!

Let’s Do This Thing!

Without further ado, here are 7 exercises to grow your booty. All of these moves can be made harder by adding resistance bands and/ or ankle weights. I like to do each exercise for about 45 seconds with a 15-second break between sets. Aim to complete 3 sets. You can also add these on at the end of a workout for some extra glute training. Good Luck!

1) Inverted Leg Extension

When I say this one BURNS…

  • Start laying on your side, heels in line with your tailbone, knees together and bent at a 45-degree angle. Your top leg should be turned in, and your ankle should be up.
  • From your starting position, straighten your top leg, keeping your ankle in the same plane as your spine.
  • Once the leg is fully straightened, bend it back to the starting position.

Make sure you are keeping the top leg turned in the whole time. (Your knee should be facing the front)

For a bigger challenge, add ankle weights or a band above the knee!

2) Tilted Leg Tucks

For this exercise, make sure you squeeze your core to keep your spine neutral!

  • Start on all fours with the opposite elbow of the working leg down. Your working leg should be straight out from your side.
  • Raise your leg keeping it straight the whole time until it is fully extended. Remember to stay safe- don’t push so hard that you pull a muscle!
  • Once you reach your full extension, bend the knee bringing it in towards the elbow.
  • Once the elbow and knee meet, straighten the leg back to its full extension and slowly lower down.

Bonus points- is exercise really works the abs!

This is a great one to do with ankle weights or with a resistance band above the knee.

3) Extended Clam

This is another bonus ab exercise! Keeps those tummies and buns tight!

  • Start on your elbow with your legs bent at a 45-degree angle, keeping the heels in line with the spine.
  • Squeeze your bum, push your hips forward, and open up your top knee. You should feel this on both sides of your butt!

To advance this move, loop a resistance band just above your knees.

4) Open Clam

This is one of my all-time favorite booty builders. You will definitely feel the burn!

  • Start laying on your side with your legs out at a 90-degree angle. (Kind of like you’re sitting in a chair)
  • From there, using your glutes, open your leg as wide as you can. Hold for 3 seconds.
  • Slowly lower and repeat.

This is a great one to do with a resistance band. I really feel my glutes working when I do!

5) Standing Single-Leg Clam

This is an exercise that I learned from my physical therapist to help with knee pain. Turns out it gives you one hell of an ass too!

  • Start with a slight bend in your standing knee. Your working leg should be bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Slowly start to bring your knee out to the side while keeping it in line with the other knee.

Important note for this exercise: Make sure that your standing knee is constantly tracking over the toes. This will keep you in proper alignment and give your standing glutes some extra work!

You can also do a variation of this move, but with a straight leg. The mechanics are all the same, just keep your working leg straight the whole time.

This is great to do after a set of the normal standing single-leg clams! The band is perfect for this exercise.

6) In-and-Outs

Once I started doing this move with the bands, I noticed a HUGE difference. I highly recommend using a band!

  • Start in a wide squat. Make sure the knees are tracking over the toes.
  • Jump both legs in together simultaneously, keeping your body at the same level.
  • It is very important to stay low on this move, so you are properly activating the glutes, not the quads.

Try to keep a good pace for this one. You should be jumping in and out about the same speed of mid-tempo jumping jacks.

7) Curtsy Lunge with Side Kick

Last move! You made it guys!! Protein shake here we come…

  • Start with your legs crossed, as if you were doing a curtsy. Lunge as low as you can while keeping proper form. (Knees over toes, spine is straight)
  • Once you are in a full lunge, straighten the front leg and kick the back leg to the side as high as you can. Keep your knee facing front.

With this exercise, I really have to focus and visualize my side glutes working. If you’re having trouble feeling the glutes in the lunge, I recommend adjusting the width of the stance!

This one is great with ankle weights, or a band above the knee!


Congrats on making it through the workout! I hope you are nice and sore tomorrow. These are all low-impact, extremely effective moves that can be done anywhere. Feel free to comment any questions, and make sure to get on my mailing list so you never miss a workout!

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    This workout is killer! I like how it didn’t put stress on my knees. Also, I love the bands. First ones I’ve ever had that don’t slide around while I’m working out! Super excited for more. Can you do a core/abs workout next?

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