WTF Is That Green Water?

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All right babies, it’s time to get to the bottom of this weird green water that all the influencers seem to be drinking. Liquid chlorophyll; you may have seen this mysterious green water in my Instagram story. Is it really that life-changing? Or is this just another Instagram hype moment? I decided to find out for myself.

After a long night of diligent studying and research, I decided to buy some liquid chlorophyll and test it out. On paper, the health benefits speak for themselves. Seriously- SO many positives to drinking chlorophyll. So I bought my bottle and started religiously drinking 20 drops a day.

As far as taste, there isn’t any. I like to add some lemon and mint to my water, and it tastes the same after adding the liquid chlorophyll. Big warning though- it stains! Definitely use a straw when drinking to protect your teeth. I’ve been digging these silicone straws lately. Super cute, and you won’t bang your teeth on them like metal straws.

If you’re prone to spills (like me) maybe don’t wear that cute white shirt while drinking your chlorophyll water.

What I Noticed

After about 2 weeks of drinking my daily liquid chlorophyll, I checked in with myself. I noticed I had an increase in energy (I cut out a cup of caffeine from my daily routine-big win!) and I felt more satiated!

Altitude Sickness Savior

Less snacking and more energy was great, but to top it all off, chlorophyll was a MAJOR lifesaver with altitude sickness! While on a trip to Colorado (where I normally get altitude sickness so easily), I doubled my normal liquid chlorophyll dose and completely dodged the usual headaches and dizziness! It was amazing. Chlorophyll is definitely a must-have for travel and high altitudes. 


Alright, let’s talk benefits of drinking daily liquid chlorophyll. It’s so easy to squeeze in a dropper every day, so I was beyond excited reading about all these crazy good health benefits. Chlorophyll is one of the best things for detoxing, controlling BO and bad breath, relieving chronic redness and swelling, and even weight loss! (source)

So yeah, I’m not kidding when I say there are so many benefits. If you want to get scientific, check out the sources linked. I’ll break down a couple below!

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Liver Detox

Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance the liver’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste from the body. Specifically, chlorophyllin, a salt from chlorophyll, was found to be able to fight against liver damage and potentially liver cancer by optimizing liver detoxification. WOW!  (1)

Blood Booster

Liquid chlorophyll is what’s called a “blood builder.” Blood builders like chlorophyll can increase the count of red blood cells and improve their quality. Chlorophyll also is known for delivering more oxygen to the blood, which is why it’s such a lifesaver for altitude sickness! (1)

Weight Loss

Chlorophyll has been claimed to help with weight loss by increasing feelings of fullness and regulating hunger hormones. I AM INTO THIS. I can also say personally I noticed I was snacking a whole lot less after consistently drinking chlorophyll. Several small studies have been done to determine whether chlorophyll can aid in healthy weight loss in humans, and these studies concluded that chlorophyll can help regulate body weight over time. (1)

Reduces Inflammation

Chlorophyll has a crazy high concentration of vitamins (A, C, & E). This makes chlorophyll an extremely powerful antioxidant, which is why it helps reduce inflammation in the body. Stunning, right?

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This powerful plant-derived green shit really does wonders, huh? I love drinking my daily chlorophyll knowing I’m giving my bod all of these crucial health benefits. It’s also a great reminder to DRINK MORE WATER.

Let me know if you try liquid chlorophyll and how you like it! Thanks for reading! xx.

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