High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

Well, hello there! This week I have quite the treat for you. I am back in my wheelhouse bringing you a completely vegan, high protein meal plan. These recipes are truly some of my absolute favorites. They’re simple, hearty, delicious, and packed with protein.

Proteins are essential for building strong bodies, maintaining high energy levels, and supporting healthy hair and nails. A vegan lifestyle can seem daunting in regards to getting enough protein, but I promise you that’s just a preconceived bias. Getting adequate protein is so easy on a vegan plant-based diet. And the best part, no animals were harmed in the making of these delicious foods.

I’m kicking off this meal plan with the same smoothie recipe that was found on my diet-free, high protein meal plan. This recipe has been on repeat during quarantine while I’m working on growing my glutes. (Blog post on this..?)

Anyway, enjoy these recipes and, as always, for personalized health advice and to really achieve your health goals quickly, schedule a consultation with me! I would love to be your holistic health coach. Click the download button under the pictures to download the meal plan outline and all the recipe cards. Enjoy!



For lunch, there are two easy wrap recipes! I highly recommend using Siete wraps, or a similar brand with the same ingredients. You can find these at Whole Foods! Use cassava or chickpea flour. These are grain-free, so you are reducing the amount of starchy grains you consume, while also subbing in more protein!


For the dinner recipes, I have some things to note. When making the tofu scramble, the key to realistic-tasting vegan eggs is all in the seasoning. This seasoning is necessary. Your tofu will literally taste just like eggs, and this way you don’t have to buy all the spices separately. Thank me later.

Also, when cooking the Italian “Chicken” Bake, I highly recommend you use a vegan mayo with as clean ingredients as possible. I encourage you to use Primal Kitchen’s vegan mayo or one with similar ingredients. You can find it at Whole Foods!

There you have it! A nutrient-dense, high protein meal plan that is 100% plant-based! Please let me know if you try these recipes, I would love to hear how you enjoyed them! Until next time,



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