3 Healthy Cocktails That Will Blow Your Mind

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Let’s Get Drinking

Who here needs a drink? If you thought “ME!”, then I feel you. But did you know the average cocktail contains 12-68 grams of sugar? (1) Yikes! If you love a good mixed drink, but you don’t want all the sugary syrups and extra ingredients, you NEED these recipes in your life.

Not only are these clean-cocktails, but they’re actually pretty damn healthy! Today we’re making: Skinny Citrus, Strawberry Basil, and Orange Jalapeño. All three of these recipes have under 5 ingredients, and a shot (or 2) of tequila. I’m sure these would also taste great with vodka or gin!

When I first made one of these drinks, my boyfriend and I were shocked at how great these simple ingredients tasted. He looked at me and said, “This tastes like a drink I would pay $17 for at a bar!”

These drinks are low calorie, and free of any processed sugar. If you’re on a diet, or just focused on living a healthy lifestyle, these drinks are perfect for you! You can even make the bartender whip one of these up for you when you go out.

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How They Work:

Let’s discuss how to make these clean-ingredient cocktails, or “mason jar margs” as I like to call them.

They are so easy. Simply throw all of the ingredients in a mason jar, add ice, put the lid on, and shake shake shake!

It’s as easy as that! I love how portable these cocktails are. You can bring them to the beach, the pool, or a party!

Let’s Get Shakin!

Time to get into these recipes! Each recipe makes about 1 cocktail. They’re very cheap to make, and super easy to double. I use this lemon juicer to juice all of the citrus fruit. If you don’t have one, just use your hands!

Skinny Citrus

This “detox cocktail” is sweet, sour, and super refreshing!

~ 1/2 grapefruit

~ 1 lemon

~ 1 lime

~ 4-6 mint leaves

~ 1 *generous* shot tequila

~ A squeeze of honey (about 1/2 tsp, use more for a sweeter drink)

~ Add ice & shake!

Strawberry Basil

This cocktail is sweet, with a nice depth of flavor from the basil.

~ 2 strawberries, cut into 4ths

~ 1 lemon

~ 4-5 basil leaves

~ 1 *generous* shot tequila

~ A squeeze of honey (About 1/2 tsp, use more for a sweeter drink)

~ Muddle the strawberries and basil with a whisk before adding the ice & shaking.

Orange Jalapeño

This cocktail is fruity and spicy! Yummm.

~ 1 orange

~ 1 lime

~ 2-4 thin slices of jalapeño

~ 1 *generous* shot tequila

~ A squeeze of honey (About 1/2 tsp, use more for a sweeter drink)

~ Muddle the jalapeños with a whisk before adding the ice & shaking.


Enjoy these delicious healthy cocktails! What’s your favorite summer drink? Let me know below, and make sure you join my email fam to stay updated on new recipes, health/wellness tips, and more!

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