Cardio HIIT Workout

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In today’s workout, it’s all about burning away those calories! I love getting some cardio in and pushing my endurance. I used to think the only way to do this was through running. However, this quickly messed up my knees and I wasn’t as motivated to go on long runs. Feel me? Enter in: HIIT.

What’s HIIT?

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT is freaking awesome. The concept of it is to work harder, not longer- perfect for someone who doesn’t have hours on end to workout. Interval training raises your heart rate and burns more fat in less time than running. Studies show that HIIT increases insulin sensitivity from 23-58%. Insulin sensitivity helps promote fat loss. Um- hell yeah!

The idea of HIIT is to do short, intense bursts of exercise with maximum effort, with quick breaks in between. You can change the length of the intervals and tailor it to wherever you are in your fitness life. If you’re just starting out, maybe start with 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off. If you’re a workout maniac, go for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

For this workout, I recommend 45 seconds on, 15 off. For a 10-minute quicky, only do 1 full round. For a 20-minute calorie melter, go ahead and do 2 rounds (each exercise twice).

The beauty of HIIT is that you can really personalize workouts to fit your level. Just don’t be too easy on yourself! 😉 Try adding in some ankle weights and resistance bands to some of the exercises for an extra challenge! Now, let’s kill this workout!

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Cardio HIIT Workout


  • Jump up with your arms above your head
  • Land, place your hands on the ground, and hop your feet out to a high plank
  • Jump feet back in, stand, and repeat

Skater Jumps

  • Start in a side lunge touching the ground
  • Jump to the side (like jumping over a puddle)
  • Side lunge on the other leg

Standing Bicycle

  • Start with feet shoulder length apart
  • Using your abs, twist upper body, and bring opposite leg up to meet the elbow

Lunge Jump Kick

  • Lunge on your right foot, touching the ground with the opposite hand. Back leg should be kicking out behind you
  • Jump onto left leg, kicking right leg as high as you can, punching the opposite arm
  • Switch sides halfway through

High Knee Climbers

  • Jump from one foot to the other, bringing knees into chest as much as possible
  • Arms should be above your head, switching with the feet, like you’re climbing a ladder

Shuffle Squat Touch

  • Squat down, twisting upper body and touch the ground
  • Take 2-3 shuffles to the other side, staying in a low squat
  • Squat down, twist, and touch the opposite hand to the ground

Lunge Jump

  • Take a low front lunge
  • Jump off of the front leg, bringing the back leg up as close to your chest as you can
  • Switch sides halfway through

High Knee Crunch

I recommend using some ankle weights in your hands or on your ankle for this!

  • Start in a high lunge, arms up
  • Using your abs, bring back leg into chest and arms down
  • Switch sides halfway through

Squat Jump Turn

  • Start in a squat facing one side
  • Jump up in the air to rotate 180 degrees and land facing the opposite side
  • Land, squat, and repeat

Side Lunge with Fly

I recommend holding some ankle weights in your hands for this one!

  • Start with feet together
  • Step right leg out into a side lung. Simultaneously fly your arms down and out to the side, working your back
  • Bring leg and arms back to starting position, and repeat on the other side

In and Outs

I recommend adding a resistance band to this one!

  • Start in a low squat, feet together
  • Staying low, jump legs out into a normal squat
  • Repeat

Twist Jumps

  • Jump up and twist your feet to land on one side, keeping your body facing front
  • Jump and twist to land with your feet facing the other side.
  • Repeat

Star Jumps

  • Start in a mid level squat, with feet together
  • Jump both feet out and arms up, into a ‘star’ shape
  • Land softly back to starting squat and repeat

You Did It!

Congrats on having a kick-ass workout. Your body will thank you later! Give yourself a pat on the back and have a yummy protein shake.

Enjoy this post-workout-shoot gem. Thanks for the help, Gnocchi.

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  1. Doing at-home workouts has helped me keep my mood elevated during this stay at home time, this one looks both fun and challenging!

  2. These are awesome! I am newer to HIIT and have been incorporating it in my workday now that I am working full time at home until September, I need to be more active. Thank you for this!

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