My Boob Job Experience

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Greetings, babes! Today we’re talking all about boobs. Boobs everything. Specifically, my personal experience getting a boob job. I’ll tell ya everything leading up to my surgery, my day-of experience, all about my recovery, and everything you need for a smooth recovery. Let’s talk boobs!


Getting boobs was something I had wanted for what seems like my whole life. I did NOT like my body one bit. Being a professional dancer, I am constantly analyzing my body, and being compared to super hot girls, which made me even more self-conscious. Yes, I was skinny, but dammit I wanted to be a freaking woman!

Let me add that this was my first EVER surgery. I was FREAKED. I had no clue what to expect, how much it would hurt, and I was terrified of the anesthesia. I originally wanted to get the surgery done a couple of months prior, but I couldn’t commit. Although I was super nervous, I knew that this was something I had wanted forever, so I finally gathered my courage and set up a consultation.


During my consultation, my doctor and I talked about what I wanted my boobs to look like, my lifestyle (massive knockers don’t mix well with dance and fitness), and what kind of implant I wanted. Dr. Omidi, my fab doctor, recommended a silicone gummy implant that would go under the muscle. They have the most natural look, but are also super tough. They even have a warranty if something were to happen to them. My TV doesn’t even have a warranty!

Follow-Up Visit

Next, I went into the office for my follow up. This is where I went through all the scary paperwork and picked out my size. I was super nervous about picking the wrong size. I remember calling my best friend who was blessed with great tits, and asking her a million boob-related questions.

The doctor was super helpful when it came to picking a size. I told him I didn’t want to go too big, and showed him all of my creepy screenshots of hot girls on Instagram whose boobs I admired. It’s super helpful to bring inspo pics to your consultation, so if this is a procedure you’re considering, don’t feel weird about showing the doctor all of the pictures you like! It’s so important to clearly communicate what you want, and if you’re awkward like me, it’s way easier to just show a picture. We ended up settling on a 365 CC with a full profile. Your profile and sizes will be determined by your own chest measurements, so don’t take my choices to heart.

I slipped the sample implant in my shirt so I could get a feel for how big it would be. Wear something like a tight tank top that easy to put the implants in so you can see what you’ll look like with your new ta-tas.

Surgery Day

Waking up on the day of my surgery, I was so excited. I prepared a cute little bag to have after surgery. It had a water bottle, all of my meds, and some crackers and granola in case I was starving. When we got there, I did some final paperwork and started to get ready for surgery. I put on the gown, got an IV, and took some final ‘before’ pics. I then kissed my boyfriend goodbye and was walked to the OR.

I was given anesthesia (Doc called it a “strong tequila shot”.. he knew me so well) and I knocked out. I didn’t feel a single thing. I don’t even remember getting in the car or the ride home! I didn’t even touch my cute little goodie bag, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Seriously, it was a complete blackout. The first thing I remember is crawling into my bed with my chihuahua and taking my pain pills. It was pretty damn easy!


This is where it got rough. The first 3 days were the absolute worst. I needed help sitting up, and I felt super loopy from all the meds. By day four I was feeling MUCH better. I was pretty much pain-free after a week, my boobs just felt tender. Keep in mind, everyone recovers differently. It’s a lot worse for some and better for others. I definitely got lucky and had a fairly easy recovery.

The pain meds made me nauseous, so I stopped those two days post-op. I took my antibiotics for the full 10 days, and muscle relaxers for about a week. Lots of girls get laxatives to keep them from getting “backed up” from all the meds. I loved drinking this tea every night to keep me from bloating, and it was a great alternative to taking an actual laxative.

The worst part about recovery was not being able to do anything by myself for a while. Jake was an absolute angel and helped me out SO much. As was my bestie (thanks sis). You definitely should have someone to help you out during your recovery, at least for your first 3 weeks. After that, I started to be more independent.

Also, it sucks sleeping on your back for so long. My back went through it. Get a pillow like this to help with back pain. You’re also going to want this pillow for back and arm support. Trust me on this- you’re going to want maximum comfort during your recovery.

What I Wore (& Ate) Post-Op

There are a couple of essentials you NEED to have post-op.

~ Your doc might give or recommend wearing a band to help your boobs settle. I used THIS ONE and it was great! Adjustable, and easy to put on.

~I also wore THESE BRAS that clasp in the front, so it’s easy to take on and off. Just make sure that you get them in the size you’re going to be post-op. I wore a lot of THESE TANK TOPS as well, so my girls wouldn’t get squeezed or pushed in any way.

~As far as eating post-op, I loved Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers for a mild, easy on the tummy snack & Purely Elizabeth Granola for a healthy alternative to normal cereal.

If you can, make some banana or pumpkin bread right before your surgery for another easy snack. Prepping what I was going to eat during my recovery helped a lot because you won’t be able to use your arms much during the healing process.

Well, I think that’s it, folks! Remember that this was my personal experience, and everyone is different. I saved up my own money, and it felt great to finally feel like myself in my own body. If you have any more questions, comment below or DM me on Instagram. I would LOVE to help you!

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