The Ultimate At-Home Spa Day Checklist

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Prioritize Pampering Yourself!

Spa days are an essential part of my weekly routine. It’s so important to take time to relax and pamper yourself. Why? Cause you freaking deserve it. Self-care is real and so necessary, and having a weekly spa day will make you feel like an absolute rockstar.

Here is my checklist of everything you need to have a perfect spa day. Build the perfect atmosphere, get some aromatherapy going, maybe even manipulate your significant other to give you a massage! *Self care*

Step 1: Ambiance

Salt Lamp

Salt lamps can boost your mood, improve sleep, ease allergies, and clean the air by releasing negative ions. I’m obsessed with my salt lamp. I feel so relaxed when it’s on. It’s the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a complete spa moment. My two favs are below!


Having the right scent is KEY to pulling off a perfect spa day. I especially love the Colored Dream Spa Candle from Thrive Market. It’s made with non-toxic ingredients, and smells JUST like a spa!

Oil Diffuser

I love diffusing essential oils. It’s so relaxing, and it really gets the spa vibes going! Essential oils can help boost the immune system, and purify air and increase oxygen! I love this diffuser because it has different settings and changes colors. Also OBSESSED with this essential oil because its clean ingredients follow strict seed-to-source standards.

Calming Playlist

Music is another fabulous way to relax and set the ambiance. Turn your phone on airplane mode and fully zen out to this playlist, or make your own! Music can be so helpful for relieving stress and uplifting your mood.

Step 2: Products

Face Masks

I mean…DUH. This is my favorite part of a spa day. Skincare baby!! Doing a face mask in the tub or right after when your pores are opened up is the freaking best. I have three masks that I keep in constant rotation that have done wonders for my skin!

LED Face Mask

LED light therapy is so in right now, and for good reason! It works! I noticed a major difference in my acne scars when I started using this mask. My skin was more even and smooth! Please wait until after your bath to use this.

Bath Necessities

Taking a long, hot bath is the highlight of a proper spa day. I love adding in as many products as I can to maximize the benefits of soaking in the tub. It just makes my spa day SO much better! Use some Epsom Salt to relax any sore muscles. These bath salts have sea salt crystals that cleanse and remove skin impurities, and turmeric root extract that boosts radiance!

Hair Mask

Don’t forget about that hair! We always do face masks, but usually, the hair is forgotten. It’s important to pamper your hair too, especially if you use heat on it. Your hair will be SO soft and shiny after these masks. I love that these are both very natural products without harmful ingredients.

Under Eye Patches

Tighten up your under eyes and prevent wrinkles! This is a great step to do over your face mask, or right after. It’s an important skincare step, don’t forget about it! I’ve even used these on a flight before. Who says you can’t have a spa day anywhere?

Body Oil

Finally, after all the soaking in the tub and skincare, we need the perfect body oil to seal in all of that spa-day goodness. I like to mix mine with some lotion.

Pour a glass of tea (or wine) and perhaps coax your S.O. into giving you a nice spa-day massage. If you’re in the single club, then you 100% need this foot massager. Best purchase EVER.

Anyway…make sure you spoil your skin with some quality body oils!

Step 3:

Have the Perfect Spa Day!

Now get ready to have the most relaxing, incredible spa day. Relax, and enjoy. Who do you like to spa-day with? Yourself, your girlfriends, your S.O?Let me know! There’s always time for self-care!

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  1. I definitely need to start creating my own at-home spa days. I have been trying to wait for things to reopen but meanwhile, the fact that things aren’t reopened is causing so much stress! So like you said, I deserve to have a regular spa day, even if it means doing it for myself. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??

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